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Full Version: Back-end developer needed (PAID)
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looking for a dev for an avatar-based web game called "altersite"! it will include forums, ingame economy, minigames, item shops, pets, and more! please dm me if youre interested and/or have the skillset for more information.


Looking for a Back-end developer Or full-stack! We need someone to do both HTML/ CSS/ Javascript in addition to what we need which is PHP, PYTHON, JQUERY, etc. (back-end)

Will have status as an employee of Altersite and must fill in the required information to receive payment. You will be paid accordingly to your effort and time spent on working. Payment will take place after the work is finished. When and if you accept the position, you also accept the following terms: Altersite is obligated to pay you for your work as long as Altersite the website ( provides an income and will pay you the amount that is fair based on the balance of your own effort and time spent on working for Altersite, Altersite’s economy to keep the website running, and fair share between Altersite’s employees/ team members. If Altersite is not able to meet the above requirements, you consent that Altersite is not obligated to pay you for your work, nor in debt to you before, during or after such work has been provided.
hi there,
I have sent you a personal message, please check.


I can help you with your requirement, I have sent you an personal message with details, please check

I have gone through the doc attached
Please let me know your availability to discuss