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Full Version: Predicting costs on upgrades 1.8.25 > 1.8.27 > 1.9
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Hi to everybody,
this might sound a strange thread however for us isn't, let me clarify that

We have a forum with quite a few customizations and we didn't even upgrade to 1.8.26 because of the costs and predictable ones in a future that would be great to know more or less when that will be.

No one is in our team now that is skilled at MyBB coding, we did a test on our beta installation and it broke the whole forum. MyAdvertisements, Rin Editor, ABP Imgur. At least we have a nice team of designers to redo the forum looks.

But we do need to budget 1.8.25 to 1.8.26 now even more since 1.8.27 brings quite a few changes and I am sure most of the plugins will stop working or will need coding tweaks… and here is a new cost!
Not knowing when it gets released is also a matter of concern we do not like to have our forum with security vulnerabilities.

Then there is 1.9 and that is a long-promised upgrade to MyBB

We always thought that with the new version it would be the right time to hire someone to do us a fully responsive version of our forum with all the bells and whistles it already has!

So we count 3 update costs and a new template cost (but we are considering skipping 1.8.26)

I am sure we are not the only ones who need assistance
nor the ones who do math

If anyone could be more specific on a timetable for a production version for 1.8.27 would be great
If that comes with a predictable release time of 1.9 even better

Money isn't elastic and on a free forum even less
so any input would be great

Thank you so much guys for the time
Best regards to all and to the developers who do a great job!


We would also get some partners to help us in the long run
and it can be on hired services or partnership we on the graphic front and the dev on the code
What problems happened between the upgrades you mentioned? 1.8.26 was only a security upgrade and shouldn't have any effect on plugins or themes at all, unless you've modified core files the upgrade should take about 2 minutes at most, so I'm not sure what would have happened on your board to "completely break" it.
many people will continue in myBB 1.8...
Thanks to Matt and DiegoPino,

the theme we have has several tweaks and the plugins even more.
There were 2 people working on those and no we don't have anyone anymore

I did try to update Rin-Editor and ABP Imgur and none of them worked
should I try to update the core files, for security reasons of course I should
but having a forum fully functional with only a few errors that only bother the admins, we can live with that

The tries on the beta version of our forum were a disaster!
and to answer your question Matt I didn't even update MyBB when I saw the plugin results.

The path we would like the most would be a production-ready MyBB in order for us to remake our template with the same look and feel but now with a mobile version… and oh yes please please with SEO in mind. But this scenario seems far (do we know how far?)

The second path is like DiegoPino says to be left with the last 1.8 version and we hold everything until we refill the savings because the last update news is 'kinda' saying prepare to deal with the plugins you have on your board. This costs money for those who are not MyBB savvy.

The last and least wanted path is to update to 1.8.26 and stop there. With all security risks we will have.

The thing is to fix the hardcoded 1.8.25, update to 1.8.26 and fix plugins has a cost
Then 1.8.27 will bring a bigger cost
then it is 1.9

1.8.25 update to 1.8.26+plugins (costs) + 1.8.27 (bigger costs) + 1.9 (it seems it will be like starting fresh)

3 times paying someone to help us + a new template
for a free forum = maybe impossible

It sucks no to be any good at PHP but at least I am sincere about it
I think my only option is to start getting budgets and checking to what extent the project is worth it

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions please don't hesitate. It can be here or in PM

Thank you
As far as modifying plugins goes, that likely will make them hard to upgrade, yes. But unless you've modified core MyBB files too, then upgrading to 1.8.26 should take about 2 minutes and shouldn't have any knock on effects. Upgrading core MyBB should be the priority over the plugins really.
I've the same opinion as Matt: upgrading to 1.8.26 is free of cost if you didn't change core files.
And I can't speak about all plugins, but ABP Imgur is compatible with any 1.8.x MyBB. Rin Editor too, because I had to install it to test an evolution of APB Giphy with MyBB 1.8.26.
I will do what you tell me to and try the update on our test forum tonight

Your great plugin Crazycat was changed to have a different look and feel to it
when I disable, delete, and then install ABP Imgur it doesn't work just like that
I went through the files on the template and even after uninstalling there are traces of the code there

But I will try 1.8.26 and will give feedback on how it went

I have discussed with the other admins having a design partnership on one side and get coding on the other… do any of you who have great plugins think that could work
I really recommend the following plugins to manage core edits:
Here's the update:

upgrading to 1.8.26 went smooth and no errors were found by us or after by any of our members, so all is well. Thank you for the advice to Matt, Crazycat, and Omar G!


On the plugins we uninstalled ABP Imgur and updated it to the latest version to have it below rin-editor.
After I went after each file on mybbvb_templates

showthread_quickreply - this one worked before like we wanted

Since we had deactivated and uninstalled ABP Imgur… we deleted any imgur code we could find on all the above files


After we installed the latest version and configured "Settings for Imgur uploader"
and again we went on the files to check what going on since it did not work (the bar appeared on the bottom and we adjusted the size and image at "imgur_botbutton" but only the quick reply that worked in the past, works now

We tried and failed even when we added {$imgur_botbutton} below {$rinbutquick}

We need HELP :/


@Omar G… the issue we might have is that all the changes in the template and maybe some core files were done before… will these plugins help now or they can help with anything we might change from now on?
Provide me your forum url and a test account, then I can see and understand your trouble with ABP Imgur.

Note that it's not related with MyBB upgrading but with your templates modifications.
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