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Full Version: New Thread From Everywhere
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New Thread From Everywhere

[Image: IMG-20210608-091547.jpg]

Description :- creat a thread in your desired forum with desired prefix. 

Download :-
That's something new.
Thanks for sharing.
(2021-06-10, 12:25 PM)Dr_The_One Wrote: [ -> ]That's something new.
Thanks for sharing.
Thanks buddy.
Definitely a good job, nice work.
Good work PARADOXP Smile
(2021-06-11, 07:37 AM)Ben Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely a good job, nice work.

(2021-06-11, 09:15 AM)WallBB Wrote: [ -> ]Good work PARADOXP Smile

Thank you guys for supporting .
Thanks for your contribution Smile

As suggestions, the following line in your main plugin file is incorrect:
$forum = array();

In your root file you have the following:
$prefixselect = build_prefix_select($forum['fid'], $mybb->get_input('threadprefix', MyBB::INPUT_INT));

$icon = $post['icon'];

But apparently both $forum and $post are never set.

This is truly above and beyond. Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for.