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Full Version: Musk-Xenforo- MyBB- Responsive Thread Error
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Hello friends, i have installed the Musk-Xenforo- MyBB- Responsive and everything look good, but i have a problem, when i create a new thread, i post it ok,  but when it shows have this codes by default i think, because i don´t use this codes on post
<p> </p><p><br></p><p> .</p><p><br></p><p>Saludos!&nbsp;</p>

So i think this may be a problem on the template, and everything looks ok, so ¿somebody can help me with this please?
No idea on the theme - your link goes nowhere I can follow.  Assume it's this one:

Which hasn't been updated in a long time.  I'd try switching to the default theme and see if you have the same problem.  No idea which version of MyBB you're running either, but looks to be later than 1.8.19.  Judging by the font codes, usually introduced in SCEditor by pasting text from an external source.  BTW - toggling the editor to View Source fixes that pasted text problem.

@Laird has done a lot of work on this issue, described in greater detail here.  But first I'd see what the default theme does with respect to this issue.  An older theme and newer mybb will introduce all sorts of issues.  Wouldn't know where to start. Undecided
I use this theme and i got a problem, when i post a new thread automaticly add this tags


How can i fix this? Is automatic i use MyBB 1.8.26 in the others themes this work fine, but in this only have this error,
First thing I'd do I'd do is revert the codebuttons template - under ungrouped templates.  After that - ask the the theme developer.  Lot's of moving parts to a theme. Wink
OMG!!!! Thanks a lot, i resolve the problem! Thank u so much dude!

Sad i have a new problem, i can´t give reputation to users, and i can´t report the messages, any ideas?