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Full Version: Subforums in columns
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By default the subforums all appear in one row, how can they be shown in 2 or 3 columns?

Thank you
Or try this (responsive) solution:

By default, the subforums are horizontal or from admin can you also set vertical without having to manually edit files?
You can edit the forum bit templates for that.
See my solution linked above. Just remove the class "float_left_30" to make each forum a block element and display vertically.
But it is not possible to change the horizontal/vertical alignment via setting in ACP.

If you want to change the alignment different for other subforums, then you may use CSS tricks (e.g. using Forum ID as separate class) to achieve.

This option should be default, I hope it will be included with version 1.9
Those with subforums want to see them vertically, not horizontally.