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Full Version: Custom theme not showing after 1.827 upgrade
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Upgrade from 1.824 to 1.827 works normally, except that my custom theme (child of master and set to default) is no longer showing. User profiles are set to use the custom theme but show the default instead. How might I fix this?
Try back to basic theme and customize new theme for Mybb 1.827 version
Thanks Jackson5324; I ended up doing that. I was misled because it was using my theme (with my logo) but ignoring the theme's global.css and templates, and not showing the custom forum status sprite images.
Adding a new child theme and editing the global.css and pointing it to the old custom theme's templates got most of the way there.
To fix the sprite images I discovered that the location is now hard coded in global.css .forum_status, so that needed editing.