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Full Version: Change Header Panels
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Hello everyone. I'm trying to redesign the default MyBB theme to my liking. Started to change header. So, what I want to do is that I need "header_welcomeblock_member" panel to stay visible all the time. I just need links on that panel to become unvisible when not logged in or when logged out. Also want to relocate log in/out button somewhere else, which is in "header_welcomeblock_guest" right now but couldn't perform a successful relocation.

Any help is appreciated!
play with css and header template , give them right position where you want to have theme. You can check my website alao , i just gave theme a new look in mobile version , but their position is remain same.
So the header_welcomeblock_guest template does exactly what you are looking for. If the user is logged in it will load the member template otherwise it will load the guest template. You may just need to separate your code between the two.
Yes but how does it do that? So for instance, how can I just relocate login/logout links successfully, like it'll work just like it's in header_welcomeblock_guest template? You know, once I relocate it, I can always see login/logout links. And it does what I want but there already not enough space left on that panel so want to build a new one that the panel itself will stay visible all the time but links will appear/disappear if user is logged in or out. How can I manage that by creating a new panel?
Use chrome inspect element to find out the css classes, and then try to find out those sections in your template file, might be helpful