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Full Version: MyBB Internal Error
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suddenly i got this problem.. I use already update mybb files.

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open inc/config.php and check the entry for $config['database']['type']
Set the database extension to mysqli, it is likely currently set to mysql
(2021-08-12, 05:31 PM)Mostafa.Shiraali Wrote: [ -> ]open inc/config.php and check the entry for $config['database']['type']
Please check it?

$config['database']['type'] = 'mysqli';
$config['database']['database'] = 'likeiwzh_bb';
$config['database']['table_prefix'] = 'mybb_';

$config['database']['hostname'] = 'localhost';
$config['database']['username'] = 'likeiwzh_bb';
$config['database']['password'] = 'Secret';
i think the hostname should be your hosting providers given hostiname or ip address.
I'd be inclined to toggle the ['type'] = 'mysqli'; to ['type'] = 'mysql';

The error is clear - can't find the extension.  Which usually means it's not installed.  That's a host issue.

good luck...
It will be the other way round, it should be mysqli

The regular mysql extension was removed from PHP 7, so 7.0+ only has the mysqli extension. Even on PHP 5.6, the mysqli extension would typically be installed.

If the config currently has mysqli and it's still not working then you'll need to contact your host, but it sounds like you must be on an incredibly old version of PHP if that's the case.