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Full Version: Message problem when using proxy
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Please correct the webpage message that appears when using the proxy.

When I turn on the proxy, I see the following message and I do not have access to the forum.
The message does not match the reason.

Are you sure ?
The IP of your proxy can be banned.
(2021-09-30, 06:19 AM)Crazycat Wrote: [ -> ]Are you sure ?
The IP of your proxy can be banned.

Possible because it does not have a problem with some Range IPs right now.
But this is not the problem, this is the problem, the message does not clearly explain the cause, and this is misleading.
If you ban an ip or ip range - resulting error message seems to pull from the language file - global.lang.php. 

Had some members messing with VPN's I banned, and they got that error.  So they posted asking why.

Edited our language file and changed it a bit.  For error_banned, changed to:

Access denied. You may not post, read threads, or access the forum.

Haven't done enough testing to see if this addresses the majority of cases.  The substitute wording is fairly vanilla, but avoids the word "ban".  Which for most of our members is definitely account specific.  Which sort of communicates the wrong idea IMO. 

I'd be happier with something closer to a web server 401 error - lol.