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Full Version: How to implement icons & sort in order like 1,2,3 in NewPoints
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Hello guys,

I need help with this one as I'm not that great at PHP. I have newpoints installed and few plugins attached to it but they are not sorted in rows like I wanted to.. example: (as you see in image on different forum it's perfect sorted) - so I am asking, how did they add icons & sort in order on left menu like statistic goes first, then donate and so on and on.. 

(note that: I'm running it on XAAMP and im hosting it locally just for testing).

Any help would be appreciated, thank you so much whoever helps me on this one.


/if I posted in wrong section, I would like to say sorry to the moderators & please ask you to move this thread--
that's not php...

they did that just using HTML and CSS
Hello, thank you for replying.

Can you provide example?

Sorry for D/P.

Found out that $option was displaying everything -just removed that and implement my own.