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Full Version: User says they aren't notified on new threads
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So a user is telling me they subscribed to all forums and get notified on threads that were already started, but not on new threads in the forum.  Is there some way I can check this?  Or is there some switch I need to turn on/off?
This is a personnal setting:
User CP > Edit options > Default thread subscription mode
[Image: m63I9gz.png]
Yeah, but he says he DOES get notifications, just not on new topics. So I take it there's no special settings I can make as admin or no way I set up the sub-forums that could cause this?
There is no automatic subscribtion to new topics, or push system to inform about new threads, the only way to have them is to add the syndication in a rss reader (thunderbird does it).
Peharps you can try Automatic Subscriptions:
Quote:This plugin enables you to get email notifications for all new threads without having to manually subscribe to every forum, and to get email notifications for all new posts without having to manually subscribe to every thread.
Yes, the User CP setting is the default subscription setting for threads you reply to, there's not an option by default to auto-subscribe to anything.

That plugin is mine - if you use it let mw know if you have any issues with it, it was one that was tricky to get right for some reason, but theoretically should allow you to subscribe to everything.