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Full Version: Modul config-plugins action on inactive plugin
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anybody knows a way to call a plugin action on "/admin/index.php?module=config-plugins&action=xxx" without an activated plugin?

I hooked the plugin function into "admin_config_plugins_begin" but on calling the action nothing happends - only redirect to a blank page.

On a click with activated plugin it works, but this is not what I need Wink
What do you mean? If you want send request to php File ,Use CURL or file_get_contents and send GET/POST Request  to specific file.
I want to add another action into plugin.php

The default acctions of this file (module=config-plugins) are activate/deactivate/install/uninstall/check and browse.

You can hook into "admin_config_plugins_begin" to include more actions but it only work if plugin is installed or activated.
It makes sense.
Why do you want to be called without installing or activating ?
Explain more about your goal.
You can use $cache->read("plugins") and get list active plugins and read files on plugins folder then compare list and send request to deactive plugins.
Thx for your help @Mostafa ... Problem solved - I took another hook.