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Full Version: Extension threat
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I downloaded a ChineseĀ language pack from the translation section, but something is wrong. I uploaded the zip on my website filemananger and after unzipping it, it had an empty folder written as "my bb 1.8?????".
The problem is, I can't delete the folder permanently, I can't move it to bin, and I can't change it's permission to 000.
This language pack should not be there.....
A problem with server's multi-byte character encoding?
"server's multi-byte character encoding" , Trying to figure out what is this.....
Do you have an idea how to delete that folder???
Downloading locally gives me this representation of folder names.

Viewing the contents with archive manager gives me this representation of the folder name.

The folder name uses multi-byte encoding (multiple bytes to represent an individual character in the name), and an application may not be able to interpret how to display the name, hence my bb?????

In order to delete the uploaded content from your server, you're already having problems with File Manager, so an alternative is to try using FTP client like FileZilla, or if you have access to terminal command line.