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Full Version: Bump Absorber 2.1.1
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Bump Absorber inhibits thread bumps (by a new post) other than by the original poster (OP) after a stipulated bump interval (in hours) has elapsed since the last bump.

Installation is as usual: extract files, recursively copy files in root into your board's root directory, then install+activate via the ACP's Plugins page.

Note: requires patches to core files which are automatically applied on installation, and automatically reverted on uninstallation.

This plugin was written for a fee for @andrewjs18, who requested that it then be open sourced. OP Can Close Thread was then split out of it.
Version 2.0.0 has just been released:
  • Given how distinct the thread-closing functionality is from the bump-absorbing functionality, the former has been split out into a separate plugin: OP Can Close Thread.
  • Fixes a patch-reversion bug.
Version 2.1.0 released:
  • Adds a setting toggle: "Show real last post in forum display?" This feature sponsored by kfakes (forums) aka iu (Discord).
Version 2.1.1 release:
  • Bugfix: the new query when the new setting "Show real last post in forum display?" was set to "Yes" ran multiple times instead of just once.