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Full Version: Suggestion on style
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No doubt Mybb have everything you need to run a forum, but the skin. Pardon me, but the skin is like from 1999, lol. The SKeditor is definitely from back in a day IPB 1.3.

That's the only thing that was driving me away from mybb. Thank god there was a RaundoDarko theme. That looks more modern. Some nice switch between light and dark theme, similar to, that looks and feels great.

This is just a suggestion on modernize skin a little to be up to this day. Not bashing anybody or anything.
MyBB 1.9 already has a new theme.
Will skins be capable with 1.9? Will it have dark mode integrated in it? Or automatic video link converter?

What plugins have been inserted in to core? Simplicity is the key now days. Before, people didn't mind clicking 20 different buttons to achieve a post, or video or image or song.

Now, you have smartphones, people become lazy and tired. Heavy on a eye looking themes and million buttons confuses people. The more automative it is, the better.

I can't seems to log in to demo 1.9 to test it, but it looks nice.
Current themes won't be compatible no, the new theme is a ground up modern theme with new markup and styling, and is responsive. I don't know if it has a dark mode by default but would be a lot easier to make one.
It looks like it has one, unless it's just a pic. Simple enough to make few changes Smile

Will 1.9 have this lame feature, when you upload attachment in to separate frame, you have to click insert in to post, or it will add automatically by drag them in to text editor itself?

Social logins should also be in core.