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Full Version: Templates System
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hi, I suggest in newer versions, if possible, use the file instead of storing it in the database for the template system.
Some reasons :
1 . Read and write speed in the file faster than the database (of course, the database is also stored in the file, but it is structured)
2. The template system is to help novice and lazy users to edit the template but greatly increases the use of resources on the website.
3. Developers define templates for each line of code, and some users install dozens of these plugins, reducing the performance of MyBB.
4. .....

Thank you
This is already being extensively rebuilt for 1.9, the exact implementation is still being discussed internally.
Awesome Idea, when moved from phpBB, though this way of storing in DB was unefficient... and easy to keep track of EDITS when in actual file system.