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Full Version: MyBB_Session Table its too big
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Hi Community...

i am doit a backup from MyBB but MyBB_Session Table its too big (1.7 Gigas) Huh

[Image: mybb-session.jpg]

I wanted to ask, how to optimize the table?
Why does the size increase so much?

Can I purge the table?

I really wanted to ask ¿why the size of this table is increasing so much and if it is wise to purge?

Thanks in advance for your support
There's a task dailycleanup.php which is supposed to clean out sessions older than 24 hours.
Make sure it's enabled, and run it, then check database again.
AdminCP / Tools and Maintenance / Task Manager /Dailycleanup

If your theme does not include this line in footer template, then tasks won't run automatically.
<!-- The following piece of code allows MyBB to run scheduled tasks. DO NOT REMOVE -->{$task_image}<!-- End task image code -->
That's pretty big, how many records and what's the oldest?  Is the Daily Cleanup task enabled and active?

In my experience, it's OK to flush a sessions table, but not drop - you need it.  We have an inactive task which will empty the sessions table left over from when it was type memory and prone to filling.  Table is InnoDB now.  Users couldn't login with a full sessions table. Dodgy
Thank you nixer55 and HLFadmin for,your feedbacks  My

Now setting the cleand up the table via task manager.  Hope can fix that.

I am not going to delete the table, but I want to optimize and improve the performance in that part with mybb software.

Thank you very much +1 for your feedbacks  Cool