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Full Version: The Mybb Community website is Infected ?
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It's a false positive alert or do you have problems with this website?
No issues that we’re aware of. What thread where you on?
Seems to be a false positive
@Matt - You have the path of the thread in my screenshot, I captured the entire link.
Sorry, looked on my phone before and didn't see the screenshot included that.

Looking at the page source there's no javacript that shouldn't be there so can't see what it would be flagging. Does it give more information if you expand the "See details" section?
I closed that page but searching in the history of Avast I saw this two  reports, because there were two alerts not only one and as you can see one of them claims something related to cloudflare. Maybe there is a problem with your hosting service...
It's likely a false positive, we haven't had any other reports. Without any specific details on what it was that actually got flagged there's very little we can do.
This is a false positive. If you run it through virustotal, it uses 93 different AV engines to scan with. The result is 0/93 found anything wrong.