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Full Version: URL parameters not working
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Hi I tried to add my forum to Google to be able to be found by others. That worked and google accepted my sitemap.

However, in the Google Dashboard there are a lot of Server Errors (5xx). When I look at the examples, there is always the parameters


added to the URL. I can confirm that when trying to access that URL the servers returns a "500 Internal Server Error".
Through trial-and-error I found out that no combination of those parameters work. If at least one parameter is present, it fails.
However, when I access the same URL without any parameters, the page is shown correctly.

not working

I have the Google SEO Plugin activated (don't know if that makes a difference).
I'm using mybb 1.8.30

Now my question(s):
  • Why is google adding these parameters?
  • Should the page also work with the parameters? If so, what's wrong with my set-up, how can I fix it?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
I'm rather new here. Is there anything wrong with my question? Are some infos missing? I'd be really great, if someone could help me with the question, why the URL paramters are not working in my MyBB forum.
Just a guess, but your question seems to apply to a plugin.  Which has a support thread of it's own:
Hi Nixer55,
thanks for the reply. I do have the Google SEO Plugin installed, but I'm not sure it's related to the plugin.
After all, the parameters that are being used:


don't sound anything related to google or search engines. They just seem to define general sorting/ordering parameters, which just do not work and even worse are not simply ignored, but generate a server failure.
Anyway, I'll try to ask the question in the dedicated support thread. Thanks again.