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Full Version: ABP Caps Limiter 0.2
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ABP Caps Limit : Restrict usage of capitals in thread titles

Installation / Upgrade
  • Upload the content of the Upload/ directory to your forum root
  • Install & activate the plugin
  • Change settings

  • Active forum : the plugin can work on all forums or just the ones you want
  • Excluded groups : some usergroups can use capitals without moderation
  • Minimal title length : if title length is less than the defined value, it won't be checked
  • Ratio : you define the proportion of allowed capitals
  • Action : block the thread or lowercase it

Make the plugin working with thread edition

Cool! Still hoping in a new release of best answer plugin (solve it plugin) Smile
i think i request something like this before or asked help about disable AUTO CAPS title. thanks a lot.
if possible please, add some output screenshot for better understanding us.
What do you need to better understand ?
If the title is long enough and the ratio caps/minus is too high, the plugin will block the post or minus it, depending on your action choice.