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Full Version: Bullseye Support - Blue and green gradient theme
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Enjoy! Just don't remove any copyrights

[Image: BullseyeSuppor.png]

[Image: Loginsuggestion_1188420127359.png]

Designed By: Dani, Forevagrey
Contact: [email protected]
Copyright ©2006-2007 An Blick Studios

1) Download and extract
2) Upload the brownish image folder to your .MYBBROOT/images directory
3) Import the theme's XML file to your Admin CP ( ACP > Themes > Import)

Now you can see the theme by changing it in your User CP > Edit Options > Board Style

Plugin List
This is a list of plugins used on Bullseye and not necessary apply to the theme
- SpiceFuse Shoutbox
- Visitor Stats
- user Agent
- Side Boxes!
- Show the users that has been online today
- invite new user
- YouTube BBCode
- SEO Links!
- Rules Page
- Post Please!
- IPLog Plugin
- Google Analytics
- Forum Warning System
- Additional Groups Images

You may view the theme live at my forums: Bullseye Support

If you find any bugs i would love to hear about them so i may fix them, please e-mail me at [email][email protected][/email]

Please see attachment bellow for the files.

Very nice looking theme. I like the blue and green you used.
nice theme, looks clean and good!
I need a theme done for my site, and most of all i need a side box on top of another side box and another box at the top under the header for advertisements,,,
I need my meez guy i created to be my mascot and activated as part of my header or banner on my main page,,, the meeze guy walks off the beach and wipes his forehead from being exhausted on a hot summer day! which i couldnt get to post or work...
my theme , is a hvacr site that heating ventilation airconditioning refrigeration, i have two competitor sites that have forums with a nice theme,,each,,,
the competition is hvac -talk dot com and the other is refrigeration - engineerdotcom
the dash has to be on both of those addys,
my site is hvacrtalkdotcom without the word dot, in all of these addys, i just dont want the inclusion of this posted, in my search for my site , so i spell it out so one ,can still check it out,,,, my main page to my site is Hvac Community Networkdotcom without the dot spelled and the spaces...
can anyone help me create a theme???? pm me if interested or if u can help or refer me...
Very very nice looking skin
Thanks a lot guys, glad you like the theme.
I like I'm actually going to be making a similar colored theme. And if I fail I'll just use yours Toungue. Nice job.Wink
I think you have to make border 1 px. It would be better. anyhow it is a good theme Wink
thanks i am glad everyone loves the theme, please feel free to use it just leave my little link at the bottom.
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