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Full Version: How do I get an image to be the theme background?
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I have made a collage background for my forum, however, I have no clue how to put it on there as the background. So, how do I get the image to become the background instead of just a plain solid color? Also, how do I make the image "repeat" and "fixed"?
Bump... can someone please help me with this??
you have to upload your background image into your ftp > public_html > images > [theme]
Then go into your admin cp > themes > edit theme style > then scroll down to 'Body (Customized in this style)' and next to background add 'url(images/[theme]/[background image].png) repeat or fixed'

This link helped me:
and scroll down to 'Background' and it explains it there.

oh and are you from
Thank you so much for your help! Im going to try doing that in a few here. Yep... Im from! Is this Living Dead Girl? It has to be! Hows it going? Erika (corpsereject... the other designer) and I had our own forum now: Its a Rob Zombie forum. Its nice to see you!
Oh hey. Yes this is Living Dead Girl. I'll take a look at your forum.