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Full Version: [Release] xFaLLen
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This is my first theme. I hope you guys enjoy!Smile Please remember don't remove the copyright. Also do not redistribute.
[Image: preview.png]

Download: LINK
The header seems okay but the forums seems a little too dark
That's very good for first time...
Extremely nice for your first skin! Props! Big Grin
Thank you, I am surprised it turned out as good as it did. I made it late at night lol.
Not bad, but the buttons could use some improvements.

As for being too dark, it depends on the type of site, it's fine for clan, horror movie, heavy metal etc. type of sites.
Looks very nice for a first. Smile

The small text could be a little lighter though, cause I can hardly see it.
nice , now thats what i call some funny orange!
jag ur stuff is just as dark, so ur just being funny, and the rest seem jealous, lol
I get a kick out of seeing that kind of response, that means u did exceptional,,,
its too dark for me, but nice for a gamer,,,
Looks nice for a first.

Forums seems a little too dark. Change footer text color.
Nice Theme. But, change table headers background. Congratulations. Nice job !
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