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Full Version: MyBB SVG Icon Permissions
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Truthfully, I'm not sure where else to post this but I know team members will eventually see this. I am aware MyBB is open source but I just don't feel right assuming I can make use of whatever, whenever, wherever.

Can other users use the SVG in the top menu bar (left of "MyBB")?

I'd like to use it on my forum but want to make sure I'm not stepping on any toes since it is not available in the default MyBB theme when installing.
The logomark is generally limited to MyBB branding - if you intend to reference the software product (e.g. as a replacement of the powered by text), you can use one of the versions stored at
It's intended to be used on one of my forums that makes use of MyBB, truthfully I'll never use another software lol.

I'm doing similar navigation so the logo/icon for MyBB would be in the top left next to the board's name "MyRPG" which is just a resource forum for forum roleplay using MyBB software.

Is this beyond the allowed scope of use? Sorry I should have clarified this in the original message.
We don't have specific guidelines at this moment, so feel free to use it in this context as well.
Awesome, thank you!