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Full Version: can't log in
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Hi i cannot log into my VintageKarting forum site and i get this message  ( 1054 - Unknown column 'loginlockoutexpiry' in 'field list' Query: SELECT loginattempts, loginlockoutexpiry FROM mybb_users WHERE uid='342' )

i have not idea how to resolve this problem or where i would go to even do this i no nothing about programing  i use a Imac computer
and firefoxs browser

Is this occuring when logging into the site, or the Admin CP? Or both?

And have you recently upgraded?
Hi when logging into the site it seamed to happen the first time when i switched browsers i normally use
firefox  i switched to Safari and tried to log in and that's the first time i was blocked with the 1054 thing
when i went back to firefox i got the same 1054 i don't know if that had something to do with this or just
coincidence because in the past i have done this and had no problem , i don't know anything about logging
in as cp or admin  i would not know how to do that just a member of the VintageKarting fourm no issues
in good standing i have been block out for almost a month now

no have not upgraded
This column was added in the upgrade to 1.8.15. What version are you running, and what was the version you initially installed? It sounds like you've upgraded at some point and not run the upgrade script.
i didn't do anything do you think the site administrator upgraded it ? where do you find the version of it ?
and if so how do you run the new script ?

i think the group move to mybb  a few years ago maybe 2017 not sure i see a log in change on that date in my save log ins
so im guessing what ever the version is at that time is the one being used
Oh, so are you just a user of the site and not the owner? If so, then yes it sounds like it's been upgraded but they haven't run the upgrade script properly. You'll need to ask them to address this.
i wish i could contact them i made several attempts and no response from the administrator so far nothing as a
guest there is no access to any phone numbers there is only one email address to make a contact and i have used
it a few times  but nothing
Unfortunately there's not a lot else you can do other than keep trying to contact them, it's not something you or we can fix.
Matt thanks for your help at least i know how this works now I will just wait maybe the admin is inundated with
requests and maybe that's the case
Hi All i am on my 4th month of not being able to log into VintageKarting fourm the admin
has finally contacted me of the problem i thinking wondering where i have been and has been
trying to help by doing stuff like resetting my account and password i don't think he understands
the problem or even know what sql error is what do i do higher a IT guy to come here i know nothing
about lines of code or even how to get to the place where you would do it Confused
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