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Full Version: Request for Help
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New to this forum.

I am a member of which has been running for some twenty years.

The owner has been ill for some time and has recently passed. He was pretty much sole admin.

The domain URL expires in a week and I am frantically trying to third party renew it to give us time to take control.

Unfortunately the forum has a link to an external Nigerian website script inserted in the headers. It's a tracker but could be worse. This appears to be a known bug inserted via PM to a mod in an old version??

I have a long history of programming but retired twenty years ago, so am behind the times and have never handled MyBB. I hope I can still learn quickly.

I would appreciate someone taking a look  via whatever browser debugger and giving me a clue where to start to remove the link(s). (from square one please)

Even better still if someone could be recommended on here to be trustful and do that for us and/or update to the latest version, if we gain control, would be brilliant.

Any help appreciated

Can you confirm which script you're referring to? I can see a script from is being loaded, but this is coming from which seems to be legitimate? Or should this not be there?
Thanks, should have added the external script link

<script src=""></script>

Lights up Malwarebytes

new2sportnews is Nigerian and flagged up as dodgy
If you have ACP access, if you go to Templates & Style > Templates > Search/Replace > search for new2sportnews, you should find the templates that contain the script and can remove it.
Many thanks for the help.

I have instigated the process of trying to gain control of the forum.