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Full Version: What do you think about my new theme?
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I have been created a new theme. I want you to make suggestion to me about theme. Thank you all...

Sreenshot is here:
Looks nice, would be good if you posted a picture of the buttons you made for it.
Crazy, dude, you are amazing!
i cant even read it all i see is a skinny rectangular red square, and its blurred?
Looks very nice and clean. Smile Great job!
Very nice!
Thank you all. I roll the table with css. It is more useful then graphic modification.
Congratulations. Very nice. I think of you are professional. Faultles job.
@MyBB Staff: Can I use your copyright as a graphic like that?
Yes, providing the image links back to there is no problem with that.

You may also want to add the copyright text to the alt tag for the image so that even people with text only browsers still see the copyright.
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