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Full Version: Metallic Blue Theme
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Theme Name : Metallic Blue Theme
Graphics : ContraTR
Rar Password :

Screen Shots :
[attachment=7473] [attachment=7474]

Nice theme, nice job.

Especially, table header is great. Congratulations ContraTR.
On-Off-Offlock aren't a big Big Grin
Lovely gloss look Smile
Agreed is a very nice theme over all.
Yeah. A verry nice theme , love the gloss .
One question though why is your 4th link in your sig to wii talk?
Beautiful theme! I love the table header. Big Grin
very nice theme but do i have to join/download some sort of program to get that theme?

Why not just upload the files to here or does mybb not allow it?

FirefoxWiz Wrote:Beautiful theme! I love the table header. Big Grin

Table header is very lovely. Again congratulations ContraTR.
Thanks for replies. I love the table header to. Smile
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