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Full Version: Re-implementing my site.
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I'm unsure which section to put this, considering it may have multiple-issues, but the primary right now is regarding the theme.

So about probably a year ago I saved my site (except the database -- my fault) but I believe I have all the files relating to the site itself, just not the database. ( for reference)

That's okay. Recent events started back up and we are aiming to get the site back up. I don't have the database, I at least want to be able to put the template back on the new forums. As you see I have all the files that would make a "theme" a reality some issues:

1) I've noticed again that the themes and styles are in .css, while the files I have are php files which aren't supported. I suppose I could do <php> </php> in those files, any thoughts would be nice.

2) Once I try to edit a theme, it says the following: " Access to this resource on the server is denied!". I've tried editing the .htacess file by changing it's name and also doing this:

<IfModule mod_security.c>
# Turn off mod_security filtering.
SecFilterEngine Off

# The below probably isn't needed, but better safe than sorry.
SecFilterScanPOST Off

Any sort of help to all of this would be appreciated. For reference, the new site is on the latest version of MyBB, i'm unaware what the site backup that I have saved is at. But overall, I'm aiming to get as much of those files/theme/icons/etc back onto the forums if possible.
Mybb Themes and templates are stored in the database
(2023-01-21, 06:43 PM)Mostafa.Shiraali Wrote: [ -> ]Mybb Themes and templates are stored in the database

Yes I've realized that.

The themes/templates would be stored there, but considering all these files, I feel like I could just create a theme with those files? Has to be something I could use them for. It has everything EXCEPT the database which does sucks.
I don't believe you can copy it over without the database. Do any of the free themes on this site match close to what you had? Or can you share screen shots of the theme you are trying to retrieve?
Closest you *might* be able to do is create a theme based on default, then replace the css from the old cache files, but that doesn't address the problems from customized templates which are in the missing database.

Good luck.
The files you have are just the cached compiled CSS files, they’re disposable and get re-created from the database values, so you’d need to manually re-set any customised values in the ACP otherwise they won’t be in the database, and as others have said you won’t have any customised templates. Realistically you’ll need to start again and customise a new theme to match how the old one looked.
Alright. Yesturday I tried to create a new template and putting in the cache files, as mentioned above - access denied when copying the code, through the mybb admin cp in the theme editor. with that I’m also using a site to go back in time to get the css/etc files from that to get acuracy.

Again, they are php files (old one) and get access to the resource is denied

I’ll get a screenshot of the theme when I get home.
If you mean it’s throwing a 403 when saving, it will be security settings on the server blocking the request, you’ll need to ask your host to disable it.
(2023-01-22, 06:09 PM)Matt Wrote: [ -> ]If you mean it’s throwing a 403 when saving, it will be security settings on the server blocking the request, you’ll need to ask your host to disable it.

We have our domain on namecheap, but it runs through cloud flare servers.

Which? This error is new to me, so the process of dealing with is not familiar.
Without seeing it, it’s either Cloudflare, or the actual server the site is hosted on, probably the latter. You don’t host the site on Cloudflare, it’ll be the actual web hosting.
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