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Full Version: Why is a new style being imposed on us?
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I am Eric the Green

My forum is here of a sudden the forum style changed. I hate the new style. Please someone change MyBB back to the old style! And I can't find any edit options or CP panel in the new style format. It is hard to navigate!"

(2023-01-23, 12:41 AM)RR144 Wrote: [ -> ]All of a sudden my forum which is running the latest software is looking like this.

When I log in as Admin, the Admin functions look fine, it's just the forum itself that's wacky.

Anyone know of a fix for this?



I agree RR. Noone seems to know anything!
Suddenly about a week ago the forum I use was changed to a new style, with no lines between posts, no way to tell who posted or replied to whom, no way to report posts, no User CP, no edit options. Very hard to read. Whoever imposed this new style upon us, please restore to the proper former style immediately!
You've 404 error to global.css, read mostapha's answer and related links, then come back.
I'm not sure what you mean - we have no control over any forums whatsoever, it's self hosted and fully in control of whoever installed it. If you're just a user on a forum and not the owner, then the owner has customised the forum, you'll need to get in touch with them if you don't like the changes they've made.
As per your other thread, we haven't changed anything and have no control over other people's forums. You will need to contact the forum owner.
I've merged your posts from the other thread into this one.

There is an issue with the theme on the forum you use, it is not something we have done, we don't have any control over the forum to either change anything or fix anything, so you will need to raise it to the forum owner.
Problem seems to be with certificate on that domain.
It doesn't have a certificate and isn't trying to use one, the issue is global.css is going to a 404 as Crazycat said.