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Full Version: Visually impaired will have a harder time
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using this forum now. They can of course still use their 800x600 screen resolution, but scrolling is a pain, especially if someone has a big forum. The forum imo should accommodate everyone. Also, some people just use 800x600 and it's half of what everyone is using as a whole. Maybe I don't see the point or am missing something?

btw- I use 1024x768 so this wouldn't effect me. But it might others. I changed my header to a expandable situation to accommodate some of my users..

Just my 2 cents anyhow..
I still think it looks great too..
Carry on!

The new theme does look good but the 800x600 guys should get bigger screens.
The MyBB site has been using 1024x768 as the minimum resolution since we relaunched it and we've not come across any problems as of yet.

Our target audience for the MyBB site/forums are slightly different to our target audience for the MyBB software itself. The majority of our users have technical experience, higher resolutions and such and as to not waste screen real-estate we make good use of it - this is different to the end users (your users) of MyBB where your target audience may be completely different.

Attached is the statistics from the MyBB site regarding resolutions - as you can see, ~95% of our users have a resolution 1024x768 or greater.

MyBB, itself, will continue to support 800x600 as the minimum operating resolution.
Actually, I find the new font difficult to read compared to the old one and I have a 1280x800 resolution on my laptop and a 1280x1024 resolution on my desktop.
Hemi's talking about scrolling though + You can always easily change the font right?
You can't expect higher resolution screens and then make text smaller...imho...the text is VERY small on my 1280x1024 screen.
That's odd because it hasn't changed a bit for me
I was referring more specifically to the font that Linux now defaults to. The font Windows uses doesn't seem to have changed.
Interestingly, I find the font relatively large compared to phpBB, PunBB and vBulletin.

I am visually impared myself, and used to use 800x600 (before getting a new 19in monitor). IIRC, MyBB displayed fine (but I had images disabled, so that could've been a factor).
labrocca Wrote:You can't expect higher resolution screens and then make text smaller...imho...the text is VERY small on my 1280x1024 screen.

Can you provide a screenshot of that?

I reverted the fonts earlier back to the original ones in use on the community forums so the text sizes should be the same (also the reason why they're slightly different to the fonts on the site)

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