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Full Version: Navigation doesn't show the Forum name
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I come forward with a small problem that I am currently facing. I am not entirely sure what is the cause of the problem (since 2-3 days ago the navigation worked flawlessly with no problems), but as the title suggests, in the navigation, the name of the Forums appear as blanks.

Reference pic:

[Image: jnR9g1J.png] 

Checking the HTML via inspect element shows that the nav_bit, even though it's there, doesn't fetch the name of the forum that you are currently browsing.

This started happening recently (as said before, the navigation worked fine). I want to mention that, I did not touch any of the CSS or the HTML for the navigation templates prior to the appearance of this small issue.

Does anyone know what could cause this issue?

Problem solved. Seems like a plugin conflicted with the breadcrumb, causing it to dissapear.