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Full Version: Languages - Remove square brackets from strings
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Some language strings contain square brackets to border the text, for example:

datahandler_pm.lang.php: $l['pmdata_code_no_subject'] = '[no subject]';
global.lang.php: $l['view_attachments'] = '[View My Attachments]';
private.lang.php: $l['deny_receipt'] = '[Deny Receipt]';

These fixed brackets could make a theme designing more inflexible.
Any additional text decoration (brackes and similar) in language strings should better be outsourced to templates, like:

private.lang.php: $l['deny_receipt'] = 'Deny Receipt';

Template "private_messagebit_denyreceipt":
[<a href="private.php?action=read&amp;pmid={$message['pmid']}&amp;denyreceipt=1">{$lang->deny_receipt}</a>]