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Full Version: jscript error with quickedit
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Problem is overhere, if you use the Edit - Quick Edit, it will return a jscript error. And the options of Edit ( Quick Edit / Full Edit ) don't hide themself anymore =P Although you can use the quickedit to save the changes. Can anyone confirm this ? =P
No error, but your correct as in it doesn't work. However, it looks like it only relates to the skin. Moving to Website & Community forum
Working fine here - make sure you clear your cache as changes were made to the file yesterday.
Chris, I cleared my cache already and it just directly goes to the manual edit page, not the quick edit. Running FF
I don't have that problem. Confused
I did =P Still i'm getting it and the Edit Options don't hide themself. Result: I can't edit 2 messages on the same page without a page refresh =P
Works fine here
Seems to be gone ^^. You may delete this thread =P
Appears to be fixed on my end too