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Full Version: PinkyPurp Theme
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webmaster33 Wrote:
Quote:webmaster33, your message in turkish parts is delete please.

Canconti why do you want it ? I write my posts in turkish & english.
Niye siliyorum ki. İngilizce yazdığıma bile şükretsinler..Niyr karışıyorsun ki.

Turkish message is forbidden. To me no problem.
Please only use English in here. You can talk Turkish in the internationalization section.
Great theme arno Big Grin
Arno güzel theme ellrine sağlık
Thanks all. I have been preparing a new one...
Ooh, cant wait! Smile
Thank you
good work arno
iyi calisma arno
thanks all
(2007-10-17, 12:15 AM)arno Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks all. I have been preparing a new one...

So we'll waiting for new theme Smile
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