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Full Version: Latest Version common download link suggestion
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Here, we can download the most latest version and download link will be look like


Can mybb team create a another download link to download the most latest version everytime.

example :

when i use this url, it will download 1833 and in future when mybb have new update, it will download 1844.

I need this because, i am using bash script to automate mybb installation for my hosting client and i have to update link everytime mybb make any updates.

In wordpress,

Common link is :

it will download most latest version. so, i use this link for automation and everytime client install using my bash script, it will get installed the latest version automatically but for mybb i have to update the link in bash script as soon as mybb update else my client will get install old version of mybb.

Please consider my request and create new URL for latest version download. it will be helpful for companies, autoinstaller, small projects, etc.
For the time being, you can try parsing values returned from APIs like