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Full Version: I have some concerns about my website
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Website: Click Here

Its all about news website where normal user can post any news with selecting their city. Right now what I want is:

1. I want to add 100 cities as thread prefix with numbers assign so some major cities will show on the top.
2. Is it possible to show different post bits on different forum because on Breaking News Forum I want to show different post bits while on The Lounge different post bits.
3. Can we add text box with Optional usage as for Source or Courtesy News and if some post the thread if there is data than it can be posted.
4. Is there any audio and video compressor if someone attach images or videos so on backend the size will be small.
6. Can we also Edit the forum contains new post with different picture of every category?
7. Can we show post icons on main index page with thread title ?
8. Can we rename new thread and post thread on different forum like on Breaking News it will show Post News and on other forum it will show Post Thread.
9. I want to center the logo which I have tried with center tag but its not working.

Inbox me at telegram @mahfuzzbd

I can assist you with your requirement please share the detail scope of work over my personal mail Olivia@cisinlabs(dot)com so that i can check and i will update you accordingly.

once we are on same page regarding the cost and the work then accordingly we will move forward.

Looking forward to your reply