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Full Version: bb div tags
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hello! i am migrating my site from smf to mybb and a major aspect of our forum is coding cool templates in user posts! we did this by using a mod to enable advanced bb code using [div style=“styling here;”]this[/div]

i’ve tried googling for a solution, but have yet to find one. i’ve downloaded the plugin “yourcode” and entered a div style code with the following:

regular expression:
\[div (.*?)="(.*?)"\](.*?)\[/div\]

<div $1="$2">$3</div>

unfortunately this is not working, and divs still show up as text. if someone could help me find a solution or let me know if this is already a plug-in or a plug-in i’d need to request that would be great! Smile
\[div (style|class|id)="(.*?)"\](.*?)\[/div\]
<div $1="$2">$3</div>

^ I'm currently using the above with MyCode, I assume it would work with YourCode.