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Full Version: Official responsive again
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Hello everyone, I've not been around for almost a year but I have been lurking and it's been sad seeing so many people (people that had put a lot into MyBB) disappear for what ever reasons so I thought I would pop in and give it just one more try.

I know 1.9 will be responsive and I haven't come here to knock it's progress as I won't be using it even if/when it does get to stable release.

I also know there are some responsive themes available, but some are not maintained and not one of them is a copy of the default MyBB.

I also know I could pay someone, but I'm not interested in that as I chose MyBB 12 years ago as it was free and my forum is non profit.

So none of the above work for me and going by a lot of posts on here I'm not alone. I have always said MyBB 1.8 needs an official responsive theme, and I'm surprised that no one has took on the sprit of MyBB and done it. There is no denying we have lost a lot of people all because MyBB is not responsive, I'm still running my forum with my own customisations to the default theme (mostly colours which are fairly easy to do) but I'm not clever enough or young enough to make a theme responsive.

I've been here 12 years and though I'm not a coder or designer I have contributed over 800 posts, I made those posts as a thank you to everyone else that made MyBB great and it was the only way I could help. There used to be hundreds of new posts when I logged-in each week, but now there is hardly anyone here, people are leaving and newbies are not getting answers and I can't help thinking it's all because 1.8 isn't responsive.

I really do want MyBB to survive but it's not going to if someone doesn't come up with an official default theme soon. It's needed today and all other forum software are responsive, so can someone with passion for MyBB please come up with a default responsive theme that us users can customise to our own liking as we used to do ?

Big thank you to everyone still giving up their time to MyBB for free. Chris Boulton (wherever he is today) would be proud of you.

*Please don't shoot me down, I've not come back to cause any problems. I've come back to have one last shot at trying to get MyBB buzzing again.

Take care.
I don't agree with your entire reflexion, but you're true about the need of an official (and maintained) responsive theme. And further more, an official responsive theme with light/dark option.
You've got to keep in mind that places like Facebook, Reddit, Discord, etc have essentially taken away the need for administrators to have to maintain their platforms and/or pay for hosting, maintenance, etc. Whether we like it or not, the forum game has slowed down in recent years and most of that is due to the fact that everything is mobile-based. And that's why platforms like Reddit have taken over.

The reason big boards still exist is because a) they've been around since for years and cater to specific niche, and b) there's no censorship when you have your owner server, admin and staff.

I don't necessarily agree with everything that you've said. Hundreds of themes have been specifically designed to create a mobile-user dedicated interface, and MyBB have always worked hard to ensure the "average Joe" can easily install them. Obviously 2.0 (or perhaps even 1.9) will have a dedicated "official" responsive theme, so there's really no excuse for large or small board owners to not have a mobile-friendly presence.

You're correct that people are leaving - but most who leave are of the impression that the staff are able to dedicate 100% of their time to the project which couldn't be further from reality. MyBB is an open-source project and staff are not paid a wage or salary to build and maintain it. Thus, they have jobs outside of MyBB and other priorities. Progress is slow, I agree, but the 1.8 build is a solid, strong foundation for any forum owner and there's a multitude of themes and plugins that can accomplish just about every requirement they could need.

Time will tell if MyBB will survive, but until I see an official statement stipulating otherwise, I'll continue to contribute as best I can and continue to theme for other users.
As i said in the past yeah it is true, mybb needs a responsive style due many other scripts that are off the eye of ours already have it.

But many users have multiple contributions and at least in my site that already exist, someone do a responsive and free style based on mybb default design, that was many years ago and still stays there.

But i am surprised about how many people like me, you and others asks for this improvement and no one takes care of that, i do not know where or when the new versions must be available, but it is true that they have released mybb 1.8.x in a few time and it is a really good version and i really like it.

But the only one thing here is why we don't have an official stable responsive version to take care off and work on it as devs. I meant to create new styles and more and release it, i have multiple projects abandoned due that reason, people already want always responsive themes due most things in this era are based to use mobile devices, however i will release a new plugin with responsive design bases into my own site due it is stable and working on theme Smile and all work was doable about all these years that i use mybb Smile

i know is not the best option, but it would be the most approach of what we need already Smile