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Full Version: Developer for Frontend Design and Custom Features Plugin
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I am looking for experienced MyBB developers who can
  • Frontend theme design changes on Index.php, Search Results Page, and Profile Page

  1. Index is landing page with only search bar. Not forums.
  2. Search Results show multiple results side-by-side (columns) instead of results being stacked.
  3. Profile Page: Avatar Gallery and Redesign for Profile Fields
  4. Theme must be responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Custom Plugin #1: Modifications to OUGC Contract Plugin to include payment processor and leave review (reputation) after contract.
  • Custom Plugin #2: Upload 5 photos (gallery) for avatar instead of 1 avatar/profile photo.
  • Custom Plugin #3: Members can purchase premium subscription and premium features

Please message me your rates and your availability. We can discuss on mybb or discord.