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Full Version: Need a highly specific activity check form/plugin
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Sorry if this isn't explained well, if anyone is interested in taking on this project I'll happily show more details/information of what I'm looking for! My forum is a text-based wolf roleplay forum, so sorry if any verbiage is confusing/unclear.

On my forum, we currently we do weekly "activity checks" for owners of specific groups ("alphas") on my forum (we require them to do a certain amount of posts per week and log edits done). We track all of this via a forum, but I'd rather do it using a plugin of some sort where certain users can "submit" activity checks via some type of form and allow Admins to approve/deny them, and users can view both specific pack HISTORY (see all their submitted logs) and see the full scope of these activity checks for all packs as well.

In brief, the plugin should have the following capabilities:
- Each week is the same length by default: Tuesday, 12:00 AM PST to the following Monday, 11:59pm PST
- Allow admins to: Add/edit/archive "groups" (packs) and edit the "alpha" (group owner) allowed to edit/submit activity check forms. [Allow multiple users; 5 posts required PER alpha added]. Once groups are deleted, I don't want the full data deleted, maybe put into a separate "archived" page?
- A page that allows authorized users to submit forms each week with fields for each post link, an "other pack activity" section, and an option to flag their week as an absence (w/ a field for proof if this in the form of a link). If no form is submitted in time, the form will come empty to admins to deny accordingly.
- Let Admins approve (pass), deny (fail), each activity check for each group.
- Show a log of each pack's activity checks submitted (users can see history from every single pack)
- Show a table of all Active/Non-Archived packs to show their activity status (see below); we have icons for pass, warning (1 failed check), permanent fail (2 failed checks), absence, and "paused"

Example of the form they fill out weekly:

[Image: VXPMDhAL_o.png]

Example of the table we use to show activity checks:

[Image: TfpZceRU_o.png]

If anyone is interested, I can provide much more concise details of what I want. Very willing to pay if someone understands my needs and is confident they can make it happen. Thank you!
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