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Full Version: Testimonials Page
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This is more a suggestion for the actual website rather than the forums but didnt know where else to post this.

Looking around the MyBB website I couldnt find a section where i could read community testimonials where members have been using MyBB and commented on how good the software is. The only thing i found was small "feedback" sections on pages like about MyBB.

Would be a great feature to have a page where by current users can leave testimonials about MyBB for others to read. Would be very useful for the "punters" who are looking for forum software or wish to convert. Could set a minimum amount of chars so you dont get one sentance testimonials.

I'm sure there would be plenty of members here who would gladly write a testimonial for MyBB Smile

(if there already is a page like this then im sorry, could you send me in the right direction so i can leave a comment?)
Yes but thats only for the small feedback box that randomly rotates through different comments. Im talking about a static page where potential members can view and read current member testimonials Smile
All they need to do is come here to the Suggestions & Feedback forum and read the numerous threads people have posted Smile