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Full Version: Couple of Issues
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Hey guys, I got a PM that's totally spam. One of those "Help me retrieve my father's deposit from a bank" deals... Rolleyes I'm posting this because there isn't an easy way to report to mod feature in the PMs.

The msg is titled "Hello," and from user sandi. Sent on Oct 4th. Prolly already know about this, if not...

Also somehow my user account got split in two accounts. Prolly from a db restore or upgrade. Can you rejoin these? Lucid_mybb1.2_import9258 & Lucid. Smile

The account issue is from the Merge with the MyBB mods forum.

That PM sound familiar, I've seen it before on the magic of merlin forums... must be a spam bot.
Here's how it works:

1) The merge system checks to see if there are any duplicate usernames
2) The merge system then checks to see if the person has the same email (to verify if its the same person
- 3) If it matches then simply merge the users
- 4) If it doesn't match then we append _mybb1.2_importxxxx to it because there's no other way we can tell if the person is the same.

One of the admins can merge your accounts together if you want
Aaah ya just checked both account emails and I'm using an alias on this one that goes to the same addy, go figgure.

Yes merge the accounts for me please!