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Full Version: After skin/theme with black & orange or black & yellow
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Hi. I have started working on a banner (which is shown below) for my friends new 'myBB' forum.

Just wondering if anyone knows of a theme/skin that would go with the main colours in the banner I have made? black & orange or maybe black & yellow???

Any help would be appreciated.
Feel free to check the MyBB Theme Demo

You may find the theme you need. Smile
thanks for super fast reply, but didn't find anything suitable.
I was hoping for something with black background and maybe orange or yellow writing etc
Try MyBB Inverted, it may be close to what you're looking for.
close to the colours we need. i will let my friend know... maybe he know how to fiddle with the colours to make them a bit closer to banner.

thanks heaps for the help though ryan ashbrook... much appreciated