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Intro: My site is about having fun and getting to know people on the internet. I have a minimum set of rules and we're always glad to have new people join. I am hiring for Mods and UM mods.

Site Link:

Comments: I have just set up my site tonight and have already installed a lot of plugins. I'm still in the process of adding forums, so if you sign up, post an introduction, and suggest a forum, It'll be added right then.

Thanks for reading. Shy
Nice theme.

However, you'll have to delete
Quote:Welcome back, %1$s. You last visited: %2$s
Private Messages (New %1$s, Unread %2$s, Total %3$s)
Current time: 10-20-2007, 07:50 PM
for guests.

Also, the 'OK' after the password field isn't clearly visible.
I set another theme as the default until I sort that one out.
It's because the language "variable" is not recognised in the template you have placed it into.
MySQL error at the moment...
Contact your host in order to solve it. Smile
Darn, I wanted to finally see somebody use my theme Sad
Snowy Wrote:Darn, I wanted to finally see somebody use my theme Sad

Awwwhhh! Big Grin
A friend of mine was using it for a while on his Thin Lizzy tribute site because "Black Rose" is the name of one of Thin Lizzy's albums. But then I made him a theme. Smile
Nice theme though, Black Rose.