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Full Version: [Release] Brownix
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Another random style of my own, hope you all will like it Big Grin


Any problems you can post it here, or you can login to to got some helps from pros Toungue Big Grin

*****Edit: Updated with new toplinks images*****

The toplinks icons need to be changed to something that blends in, and so do some of the postbit icons.
Nice theme but I agree with Lopalong... Toplinks need some work.
I agree with Lopalong and Jaysun as well. Other wise it's pretty good, DragonLord.
Not bad Saurav Smile.
Thanks for the comments guys, I have update with download and screenshots. Toplinks images have been changed in a groovy style somemore Toungue


Those toplinks look awful. Wink

You need something of the same size and they either have to blend in, or be in contrast to the theme.

Try brownifying the original graphics to sepia or something light. Those hard-colours detract from the theme. Toungue

But --- Whatever you're happy with is the main thing. Smile
Now the toplinks look really bad...
I give you an "A" for you efforts on this theme, this is a hard crowd to please, get working on them, you are doing good.

Getting there. Nice looking theme though Smile
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