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Full Version: [Released] x 6 Themes.
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In keeping alive the spirit of Chiefsaab (the original creator of extreme styles for MyBB when it was in its infancy), these themes have been modified and upgraded to MyBB v1.2.9 by yours-truly.


These themes have been released here: >>

They will be released at at the end of this month after they have been double-checked in both FF and IE. Wink

Live demo's for the themes can be viewed at using the Quick-Theme change option.

Comments / Visual Bug-Reports are welcome. Toungue

These themes are: Army, Blue-Block and Bright-Gray.

To be continued............
.............Continued. Big Grin

These themes are: Dreamy, Hi-View and Pinkie. Wink

To be continued........... Toungue

Edit: You can also now register at the Demo Site if you wish to explore the themes any further. Smile
Very nice themes. I like the Bright-Gray one Smile
nice shadows and pro color themes, hi view is nice!
The dreamy theme is quite nice Big Grin.
im waiting for the release xD
Youve gotten so much better lopalong, Im deeply impressed at how much you've improved, and your skins are indeed very nice.

Very nice job Smile.
The original graphics were the work of Chiefsaab. Smile

All I did was modify some, add some, and sort out the .css to suit.

They may NOT look exactly like Chiefsaab's MyBB v1.0 themes because MyBB themes have changed so much since then. Wink
you are always good designer man, I'm realy like your styles
keep it up mate Smile
omg I try to d/l its say You do not have permission to access this page. This could be because of one of the following reasons:

I have register and there is not email send to me for activation >.<
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