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Full Version: Logging out Problems
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Thats done on purpose. Most urls in MyBB are relative. If your having problems with relatives that means your cookies are wrong.
i have same problem cannot logout,login and register to new member.

after vista dark gold themes installed design by lopalong...
anybody help me?[/u]
i can't find index_logoutlink can i solve this?
chris_b0ss Wrote:i can't find index_logoutlink can i solve this?

ACP - Templates - Search - Search For Template Names - index_logoutlink [ Find Templates ]
It's in the "Index Page Templates" group
i did what you said but still not working..i will try again ..
These instructions on this thread are old. Please try the instructions in the "CANNOT LOGOUT?" sticky at the top of this forum.
well what happen with me can't believe!

I tried as was written in this post! and Nothing happen finally i became dis heart and revert all the templetes to original one!


FAISAL! [/align]
Can you help me I did what you said and it still doesnt work! here are the forums
Your cookies are wrong. And your logout links contain &sid= ... ; revert your header_welcomeblock_member, index_logoutlink && changeuserbox
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