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Full Version: Deleting Ones Own Posts
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This isn't a suggestion for a future upgrade or anything, more a suggestion for this forum (MyBB Community Forums) itself.

Is there any reason why the "Delete Post" can't be turned off for "regular" Members of this forum? Reason being, there's certain folks at this forum that have a habit of adding a post to a post thread, then next time one looks that post has been removed/deleted. Usually those posts contain some sort of "flaming" against another person posting in the same thread, or at least the post isn't exactly a nice one! Point being, if the ability to remove/delete posts is turned off, then such posters/members might just "think" about what they're going to post before posting.

We already have the ability to edit our own posts, that's fine so long as folks can see that a post has been edited, and this should be enough for members to be able to do. If anyone wants a post removed/deleted, then surely they can ask a Moderator to remove such posts.
I don't know, I kind of like the delete post / thread of your own feature here. Then I can delete my old threads in the Showcase, or even old themes that aren't compatible anymore, etc. It has good points to it as well. Wink

I'm not sure I'd want to bother the Moderators every time I want to delete an old thread of mine. Toungue
I understand what you're saying FirefoxWiz, but unfortunately we have among us those who abuse the feature, they don't use it as a useful feature like you'd use it.

I guess someone like yourself "could" be moved into another Group, and have "extra abilities" that regular "Registered" members don't have, but of course that'd be up to the Management here.
Perhaps the posts in question have been unapproved (or deleted) by a moderator? Smile
Just for the record you two (I tried to post this in Pow-Mia's thread but it 'vanished'... as no other moderators were on at the time, he must have removed it himself) act like children, and I will treat you as Children.

If you (Pow-Mia and lufbra) just start bitching about each other then I will just start closing your threads... understand?
Excellent, both of you have agreed to stop. I will hold you both to that.
If you find that a post is insulting, flaming, or otherwise inappropriate, please use the [Image: postbit_report.gif] to report the post to a moderator. You do not need to handle the situation yourself by removing the entire thread. Removing the entire thread also removes other replies and comments which were relevant to the actual discussion, and it also removes any evidence against the other user.

There is usually at least one of us online at any point in time, and we will deal with the situation accordingly. Just report the post, and let us do the rest.

Thank you,
MrDoom Wrote:Excellent, both of you have agreed to stop. I will hold you both to that.
yes i agree, completely mr doom and sorry for involving you or disrepecting you ever!
same with you lufbra, i apologize if i came off wrong a t anytime in the past, truce and peace my brother member!