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Hi there,
are you looking for quality free hosting with little downtime and lots of features? May I suggest Jazzy Goodtimes, a new free web host that doesn't stop at anything to make you happy. We are a P2H (Post to Host) Community, and we have active forums with plenty of things to talk about. If you are serious about free hosting, choose Jazzy Goodtimes.

We also offer a large range of discussion, Everything you want to talk about is right here, enjoy.
Nice forum Smile
Thank you, I just made a new Profile screen, can you tell me what you think?

Wow.. awesome! Wink
I like the logo, you modified the original theme well.

Also nice profile page Smile
Nice looking website. Your logo rocks!
Thanks for all of your kind comments.
really nice website and theme.
But, the new/old/lock thumbnails are too big (that's what I think)
Your not the 1st person to say that, so I'll shrink 'em down.
We have just upgraded our hosting plans. Everything is tripled, but for the same amount of posts. We can host and install MyBB forums for anybody.
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